• NEST
    Despite any economic
    or political downturn,
    always fulfills its obligations
    to investors
  • NEST
    Preserving the historic look of Kyiv
    while maintaining a harmonious balance
    between high-tech modernity and the city's classic antiquity
  • NEST
    Most experienced
    Real Estate development company,
    with a sterling reputation in the Ukrainian market
  • NEST
    An innovative company
    that uses advanced technologies
    in construction, equipment, and decor
  • NEST
    Sets market trends
    by creating the most successful and popular developments
    in commercial and residential real estate
  • NEST
    First in Ukraine
    to realize the concept of a «city within a city» residential complex
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Dear friends!

The success story of "NEST" began in 1997; by now we have built over 570,000 square meters of upscale business centers and residential complexes. Diligent team work of experienced professionals, concern for our customers' comfort and satisfaction, respect for preserving the ancient integrity of Kyiv – these are the core values of NEST displayed in all our completed projects. Our residential complexes and office centers are real jewels of Kiev, honored with numerous awards and prizes. They combine the best architectural elements of ancient Kyiv with the latest technology to create a superlative living and working experience.

We are proud of our mission and are optimistic about the future of Ukraine.
Vladimir Trofymenko
NEST founder
«Pokrovskiy Posad»
Land area: 1,94 hа
Total area: 114 695,72 sq.m
Number of buildings: 3
Number of floors: 23
Number of apartments: 426
Apartments area: 71,5 - 278 sq m


32 Glubochicka St.

Benefits of «Pokrovskiy Posad»:
  • Safe Historical center of Kyiv
  • Limited access territory with professional control
  • Panoramic view at Podol and Dnipro sides
  • 24/7 concierge service in each building
  • Fitness center with pool, supermarket, and all kinds of services on the territory
  • Non stop work of managing company

Land area: 3,58 hа
Total area: 130 176,6 sq.m
Number of buildings: 5
Number of floors: 17-25
Number of apartments: 888
Apartments area: 55,4-144,2 sq m


Kudryashov/Mekhanizatoriv St.

Benefits of «Seasons»:
  • Best "business class" residential complex in Solomensky district
  • Concierge service and limited access inner territory
  • Well developed infrastructure of "city within the city»
  • 27 ha park right outside the complex
  • Two stored parking for 586 cars

Land area: 2,07 hа
Total area: 95 339,7 sq.m
Number of buildings: 2
Number of floors: 13-25
Number of apartments: 603
Apartments area: 59 - 173 sq m


2 Mekhanizatoriv St.

Benefits of «Emerald»:
  • Most comfortable residential complex in Solomensky district
  • Guarded limited access inner territory
  • Fitness center with the pool, supermarkets, restaurants, shops and all kind of servises on the territory
  • 27 ha park right outside the complex
  • Spacious underground parking

Business center «HILLFORT»
Class «A»
The total area – 13 000 sq m
Office area – 8 550 sq m
Parking – 93 underground parking spaces
Infrastructure – banks, hotels, restaurants and the main attractions of Kiev.
Kiev, st. Mikhailovskaya, 12  
For rent: +38 044 585 4105
Business center "Renaissance"
Class «В+»
Total area – 17 100 sq m
Office area – 14 490 sq m
Land area – 1,19 hа
Parking – 112 cars
Infrastructure – restraunt, bank, travel servises
24 Vorovskogo St, Kyiv
For rent: +38 044 585 4105
Business-center 7 Mykhailivska St.
Class «А»
Total area – 2 013 sq m
7 Mykhailivska St, Kyiv
For rent: No vacancy
Business-center «NEST»
Class «C»
Total area – 13 414,9 sq m
Parking – 90 cars
Infrastructure – cafes, bank, supermarket, notary
Vasil Lipkivskiy St, Kyiv
For rent: +38 044 585 4105
Business-center 28 Instytutska St.
Class «B»
Total area – 5 861 sq m
Office area – 3 014 sq m
Parking – 63 cars
28 Instytutska St, Kyiv
For rent: +38 044 585 4105
Business-center 12B Mykhailivska St.
Class «C»
Tatal area – 1 350,9 sq m
Parking – 91 cars
12B Mykhailivska St, Kyiv
For rent: +38 044 585 4105
Business-centers 14A,B Dimitrova St.
Two modern office buildings with areas of 625.9 sq m and 60.7 sq m respectively, occupied by various manufacturers and a trading company.
14A,B Dimitrova St, Kyiv
For rent: +38 044 585 4105
0 years

of experience with a sterling reputation in the market

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of commercial premises built and managed


tenant companies trust NEST


families have made NEST buildings home

0thousand sq m

total area of NEST residential complexes

$ 0 million

the biggest deal in Ukraine commercial real estate in 2008


"NEST" Business Center
45 Vasil Lipkivskiy St.
Kiev, Ukraine, 03035

+380 44 585 41 01, +380 44 585 41 02


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